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Review: Double Mint by Gretchen Archer

Double Mint - Gretchen Archer

Note: I received a free eARC copy of this title in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid to write this. All thoughts and opinions are my own and was not influenced by receiving the eARC.


I was really quite skeptical going into Double Mint by Gretchen Archer. After receiving the eARC, I immediately proceeded to read Double Whammy, the first book in the series, and was sadly disappointed. I didn’t enjoy Double Whammy as much as I hoped I would and ended up shelving Double Mint for a while. This past week, however, I decided to give it a go and ended up enjoying Double Mint A LOT. After finishing Double Mint, I then purchased books 2 and 3, binge reading them all over the course of a few days. So what did I think of Double Mint? I loved it!


In Double Mint, Davis is now living at the Bellissimo Hotel with her husband Bradley, the new general manager/her new boss. She absolutely hates living there. Not only is the general manager apartment hideous, but she also lives underneath the hotel owners. Add in a disappearing events coordinator, leaving her to play acing events coordinator. Also, why not throw in millions of dollars of counterfeit platinum coins and U.S. currency, a crazy cat, and having to continue to cater to the needs and whims of the owner’s wife Bianca Sanders. Davis sure has a lot on her plate trying to keep the hotel standing and avoiding divorce with her husband/new boss. Too bad no one trusts her theories as crazy as they may sound.


As you can imagine, Double Mint was full of crazy and hilarious moments. Although Davis was able to figure out who some of the players were in the big heist, she had absolutely no proof. Hence, no one trusting her theories. So watching her run around in various disguises in attempts to obtain proof was hilarious. Ultimately the mastermind behind all the trouble was shocking and something I definitely could not have guessed. Somehow, as it tends to be with cozy mysteries, Davis’s actions have a way of saving the day, even in moments she wasn’t necessarily trying to. Granted, she got into a lot of trouble doing it all.


I’m still getting used to Gretchen Archer’s writing style, which is probably why I didn’t love the first book. There are just moments when I have difficulty differentiating between past and present, which can make the story line confusing. Luckily, there’s no need for extensive references to the past in Double Mint unlike the first book Double Whammy. So I could simply thoroughly enjoy the crazy, hilarious plot and all of the trouble Davis ended up stirring up. I still don’t understand how or why she puts up with Bianca Sanders though. Talk about a nightmare of a boss!


Overall, I highly recommend Double Mint by Gretchen Archer. It’s a great cozy mystery with a lot of crazy things going on in the plot. If you read Double Whammy and didn’t love it, I’d still suggest taking a gamble on Double Mint. It definitely made my opinion of the series much more favorable. I absolutely can’t wait to read what Davis gets into next, especially with the revelations at the end!

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