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Review: The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Fixer - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes is quickly becoming one of my go to authors. Between her Naturals series and The Fixer, I have yet to go wrong with a Jennifer Lynn Barnes read.The intrigue and mystery she creates has a way of sucking the reader in, creating a page-turner you just can’t put down.


Tess doesn’t really know her sister. She lives in a different state with her grandfather, while her sister is in Washington, D.C. doing who knows what. All she knows is that one day her sister was there wanting to move her to D.C. and the next she was just gone. That made things difficult for Tess when she was finally forced to move in with her sister years later. Add in the fact that she’s in a new school where everyone seems to know more about her sister than she does, the fact that her sister being some sort of fixer means she’s expected to fix problems too, and of course, the suspicious death of a classmate’s father. Tess had more questions than answers all resulting in her own digging, her own fixing, and the collection of a cast of interesting characters to call friends and acquaintances.


There is no romance in The Fixer. Usually, this would be a bit of a deal breaker. I do love at least a bit of romance in all of my books. However, Barnes has a way of keeping me so intrigued with the mystery that I really didn’t care. Plus there is definitely potential for some romance in future installments. You have Asher the hilarious and sarcastic friend that always seems to find trouble, and Henry the friend/acquaintance that is still a bit of a mystery.


I believe, the lack of romance also was able to shine the spotlight on the big question of family. Going into The Fixer, Tess has an estranged relationship with her sister, Ivy. Her sister stopped talking to her after she told Tess that she wanted her to move to Washington, DC. Plus Tess is only now finding out about what Ivy does for a living. So Tess is a bit of an outsider, intruding on this pseudo-family Ivy created with her friends Bodie and Adam. In the midst of all the mystery and intrigue, Tess and Ivy are also trying to fix the relationship that was broken at the beginning of the story. & There are LOTS of twists in the fixing of their relationship as well.


Between the plot-twists, the interesting cast of characters, and the writing, The Fixer was an amazing read. I can’t wait for the next one! There was quite the plot-twist at the end. Seriously, the twists come out of no where ALL THE TIME in The Fixer. I’d highly suggest this read for anyone that loves Jennifer Lynn Barnes or loves YA political thrillers.

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