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Heaven and Hell  - Kristen Ashley Heaven and Hell is the story of Kia and Sam. Be forewarned that this book has a lot of “broken” characters dealing with abuse, deceased siblings/husbands/friends/children, and a jealous archenemy that wants Kia dead. Regardless of all the drama, you’ll definitely be rooting for Kia. At moments she may seem annoying as she tries to push Sam away, but honestly I get it. She’s broken, still working through things, and Sam Cooper actually liking her sounds too good to be true. Luckily she figures it out. Unluckily Sam does end up messing things up, but in the end they have their happily ever after. Now we just have to wait for KA to work her magic, to finish Luci and Hap’s story.One thing I noticed was that this book didn’t seem to be as funny as her Rock Chick series. So if you’re looking for a laugh, I’d read one of those instead.For more please visit my website at http://ayamproductions.com! :)