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Nobody's Damsel (Someone Else's Fairytale, #2) - Emily Mah Tippetts I did not enjoy this book as much as Someone Else's Fairytale, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a quick read. I read it in one evening. The cute romance wasn't there as much as it was in the first book, which was a bit disappointing because I love Jason. Chloe, however, did not disappoint. I don't know if it's because I'll be starting my masters for forensic science, but I love her character. I love her personality and her little quirks like scowling at paparazzi when she really doesn't mean to. & I think it's interesting that she's a criminalist dating an actor, seeing how her husband's fame interferes with her work. I hope the next book comes out soon because I did feel that the ending didn't bring much closure. I like the HEA on her case, but her personal life still seems to have bumps that could be ironed out. I'd like to see what happens next.