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For those of you who don't know me, I'm a bookseller, post graduate job seeker, avid reader, and a blogger. :)

Flawed Beauty - L.R. Potter Flawed Beauty was an amazing book featuring Tate Morgan, a girl that had a series of unfortunate events happen to her, and Dr. Jace Stanton, the man fighting for her. I gave this book only 4 stars for mainly two reasons. Firstly, it kind of bugged me how Tate kept pushing Jace away. I understand that she was hurt many many times in the past, but it was unfortunate that she kept trying to push him away regardless of how many times he said he wanted to stay. I honestly thought it was obvious that he wasn't going anywhere. The second reason is for the abrupt ending. Tate finally finds some closure to her life, then bam it's the epilogue, which was only about two pages long. There was no interaction between her and her "closure" or anything. We just know some how all of a sudden Tate and Jace get their happily ever after, which I'm happy about regardless. I gotta say though, I seriously loved Jace! He was quite the hero. :)Please check out my blog: http://ayamproductions.com.