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Book Review: Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson

Game for Marriage - Karen Erickson

Note: A free ecopy of this book was given to me for my honest review. I did not get paid to write this.


Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson follows a pretty typical plot line of a fake marriage to improve some celebrity’s image. Although the general plot was predictable, Game for Marriage was still a lot of fun.

It was interesting reading about Sheridan and Jared trying to be married and yet avoid each other. Finally when they’re actually together all things fall apart mainly due to their lack of communication. I love how it’s the coach that pulls through in the end considering how pushy that publicist was. Dang he was an annoying character. Sheridan’s and Jared’s personalities are so fun together. I do find it odd that parents never come into play for this story considering the large influence they seem to have on their lives. Ultimately I feel that it’s their families that drive them to be in the situation they are in their lives, which makes them fake a marriage for their mutual benefit.

Anyways to avoid giving away any spoilers, lets sum this up. So the plot may be predictable, but I’d still give it 4 stars for being a fun and enjoyable story. Plus I’m fond of a good athlete hero in my books every now and then. :)

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