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Book Review: The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

The Summer I Found You - Jolene Perry

Note: I received an ecopy of this book for my honest review. I was in no way paid to write this review.


Before I discuss the plot of this book, I’d just like to say that I think the current cover is super pretty. Does it appropriately depict the story? Not really. Then again, the title doesn’t quite fit either. The plot generally takes place during the school year. Regardless of the cover or the title, the story is quite touching.


Kate and Aiden were both physically changed beyond their control. Kate was forced to live with diabetes, and Aiden has lost an arm. Although they are in completely different situations, their newly acquired difficulties brought them together.


I loved how Aiden was portrayed in this story. I don’t read many plots with physically impaired veterans, and so I enjoyed reading Jolene Perry’s take on that. I think many of Aiden’s struggles were very realistic, and I believe all of his actions were justified. Even when Aiden is terribly upset with Kate, it was a honest reaction, one I totally supported.


Kate, on the other hand, was too immature in my opinion. I understand why Kate is upset, but did she have to act all bratty? I also think that ex-boyfriend subplot was unnecessary and made Kate seem even more immature. Thankfully she does grow up in the end, although it didn’t seem as realistic to me. Her change felt very guy-centric, like she was changing for a guy.


Overall I’d give The Summer I Found You four stars. It was an enjoyable story. Regardless of how immature Kate had seemed, I still connected with the characters hoping that they’d get their happy ever afters.


This book will be released in March 2014!


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