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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick

I’m sure many of you have read reviews about My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick. It’s a book that has been thoroughly reviewed in book blogs. So I apologize for adding yet another review, but My Life Next Door is seriously an amazing read!


I was hesitant at first to pick up My Life Next Door because it’s quite pricy. Plus it was the only book written by this author. Luckily though, I finally decided to purchase it after debating over it for months!


Firstly the characters are amazing! I can’t get enough of them. Samantha, Jase, and all the Garretts have such distinct personalities. I was a bit curious about this because there just seem to be so many Garretts, but each one of them seem to have their own voice. (Or well the ones that can speak at least…) I surely don’t think I could ever have that many children or brothers and sisters. Plus I’m such a financially conscious person that I’d probably concur with Jase. It’s probably amazing to have so many siblings and such a big family, but you have to question how that’s financially possible and what’s in store for their children once they get older… Regardless though, it was sure fun to read!


The romance between Samantha and Jase was so sweet. They seemed to click quite easily, even though Samantha felt like an outsider at first. Their relationship wasn’t all perfect, but I love how they never really had any major issues because of each other. Most of their problems were due to outside forces, impinging on their relationship. Their biggest problem was Samantha’s mother and her boyfriend, which really comes at no surprise. Something was bound to happen because of them.


Plot wise, My Life Next Door actually did keep me on my toes. Problems that kept getting thrown at Samantha particularly by her mother and her best friend were a bit shocking. I really sympathized with her. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to go through everything she went through all in one summer. One thing I kept wondering was what ever happened to her sister? She was so MIA throughout the whole book and wouldn’t even answer Samantha’s calls. Talk about a broken family… The big climax though was a shocker. I never thought something along those lines would happen, and I couldn’t believe how her mother reacted to that. Samantha’s mother is definitely no role model.


Anyways, I’d give My Life Next Door 5 stars! It was fun and creative. Plus I love Samantha and Jase! I do wish I’d get to see more of Sam. Some of her problems, particularly with her best friend, weren’t resolved. It kind of makes me wonder what will happen once her senior year starts. That’s my only major grievance. Hopefully it’ll be touched upon in the sequel - The Boy Most Likely To, which focuses on Tim. Tim actually grew on me by the end of My Life Next Door. I’m curious to see how he grows in the next story.

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