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Book Review: Wanted by J. Kenner

Wanted - J. Kenner

Note: I received a free e-copy of this book for my honest review. I was not paid to write this review.


Wanted by J. Kenner is a story I was really hoping to like, especially since I enjoyed J. Kenner’s other titles. Unfortunately it did not live up to expectations for me, mainly because it featured one of my major “book turn-offs.”


Wanted is Angie’s and Evan’s story. Angie has lost a lot of loved ones and has been living a facade due to guilt and in order to please her parents. She has been lusting after Evan, her recently deceased uncle’s close friend, for years. However, due to her uncle’s warning and Evan’s questionable business qualities, Evan has been staying away from Angie. Although, Evan may be the only one able to break through and see the true Angie.


For the first 20-30 percent of the book, Evan and Angie dance around each other. Angie’s uncle has just died and she feels most herself with Evan. Evan, on the other hand, is trying to uphold his promise to Angie’s uncle. This would have been a fine and dandy if it didn’t lead to cheating. Yes, Angie has a boyfriend from page one of the book that’s definitely not  Evan! Cheating is one of my pet peeves. I know everyone has different standards, but in my book, Angie DEFINITELY cheated! I just knew she’d cheat or come close when her boyfriend, Kevin, was introduced. Even if Kevin can be a jerk, it doesn’t excuse her cheating. Plus he probably just felt threatened and jealous of Evan or something, which caused him to be a jerk in the first place. This definitely made it difficult for me to get into the book.


After all that and Angie and Evan are officially together, the book was fairly enjoyable. However, time did move quickly and some plot developments were quickly resolved. The first 40-50 percent of the book probably spanned only 2-3 days, while the last 50 percent was longer, I think. Basically, some plot developments were given little attention to. For example, a scene that I thought would be more suspenseful and a more major point of the story, really wasn’t. It only lasted a page or two.


Overall, Wanted by J. Kenner would receive 3 stars from me. It was fairly enjoyable once I got past the cheating. I thought the characters had complexity to them, which made them interesting. I just did not approve of some of Angie’s actions during that first 20-30 percent. I get she’s grieving and a bit broken, but it really does not excuse cheating in my opinion. For those of you that don’t mind cheating in books, may enjoy this more than I did. It really is just one of my major book “turn offs” and a bit disappointing to read.


One thing to note, Wanted is a story with a HEA. Also, Heated, the second book in the series, is about Tyler. Tyler is one of the trio of friends/business men Angie’s uncle befriended and mentored. (i.e. He’s one of Evan’s best friends.)

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