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Book Review: Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk

Demons at Deadnight: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book One - A & E Kirk

Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk was surprisingly good. I wasn’t expecting much from this read, but it definitely surpassed my expectations. A & E Kirk created an imaginative plot with distinct characters, which there are many of. I definitely enjoyed this YA paranormal read.


The story could use some pruning. I thought there was a bit of dead weight in the plot. It was mainly plot details that really provided little to no plot development and really could have been omitted without affecting the plot as a whole. For the most part though, I really thought it was a solid interesting plot about a girl that has no clue why she has the power to see Demons and comes across the Hex Boys, whom seem to have all the answers but would possibly lock her up if they knew who she was.


What I found quite impressive was the character development. Each and every character was unique, which can be difficult when there are so many characters. Aurora and the Hex Boys all had very distinct personalities and their individual quirks. Even the twins were distinguishable based upon their personalities alone. I really fell in love with the main characters. The secondary characters, like Aurora’s family, though didn’t really do much for me. They were kind of just there.


So all-in-all, I found Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk to be quite a good read when I wasn’t really expecting it. I’d give it 4 stars overall. If you’re looking for cheap, YA, paranormal read featuring demons and demon hunters, I definitely suggest checking out Demons at Deadnight.

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