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Review: The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf by E.M. Tippetts

The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf (Someone Else's Fairytale Book 3) - E.M. Tippetts

Note: This review is of an eARC given for the blog tour. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this review.


The Someone Else’s Fairytale series is near and dear to me. Chloe is probably one of the characters that is most like me. She’s pursuing a career in forensics and thinks more on the logical side of things. She also grew up in a single parent home. I’m glad I didn’t go through the trauma she did as a child though. She’s quite the miracle! Anyways, basically I really love Chloe. & I wish life works in a way that I can get my own Jason Vanderholt. Swoon! So of course when the opportunity arose to read The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf, I jumped on it.


In this installment of the series, Chloe is on the case to apprehend Carl Eisner. While on the case though, similarities pop up between Blood Ritual, the show her husband Jason is a part of, and things get dicy. The police department isn’t happy, the show writers aren’t happy, and to make matters worse Jason has been growing more and more withdrawn.


Although, a lot of the focus is on Chloe trying to catch a killer, I thought the heart of the story was in the relationships Chloe had with people. Chloe deals with her best friend that’s getting cold feet and with her mother that doesn’t know if married, routine life is for her, in addition to her withdrawn husband. Sometimes Chloe can be such a logical person, I think it was great seeing her tap into her emotions, getting into heated arguments in defense for her friends and intervening in her mother’s life. Her character continues to bloom even in book 3.


I did sort of guess the end early on. It was one of those “oh wouldn’t it be funny if such and such happened” thoughts I sometimes have when I start reading a book. So really I didn’t think the end would turn out that way. However it did, and I still ended up pleasantly surprised. I truly enjoyed reading it from start to finish.


One thing that didn’t work for me much was the insertion of large narration of the TV episodes playing out. I understand that the show is important to the story, but I don’t think I needed to read the TV episode only to have Chloe sum it up. It just distracted me. I just wanted to move on to the juicy stuff.


Who should give The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf  a go? Anyone that enjoys reading NA contemporary read with some romance and mystery thrown in. Really give it a shot. I adore this series because of its characters. The mystery aspect and forensic aspect is okay. Definitely not what you see in real life but works for the story. & Also as a side note, although I’d categorize it as new adult/adult, I always thought this series read a bit more like YA.