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Book Review: In His Keeping by Maya Banks

In His Keeping: A Slow Burn Novel (Slow Burn Novels) - Maya Banks

Note: I received a ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this.


I enjoyed the first book in the series Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks (link to my review). I was excited for the promise of book #2, In His Keeping. Maya Banks definitely did not disappoint. There’s romance, suspense, and a twist of paranormal along with a rough around the edges hero that sees things in gray and a sheltered, innocent heroine that has a good heart. Opposites definitely attract in this installment, and it’s so good!


I must say In His Keeping definitely felt a bit slower than Keep Me Safe. There was a bit more development to Arial’s character and some background prior to getting into the heart of the story. The mystery of it all also seems more slow in development because everything is a secret. You go in knowing Arial’s parents are hiding something, and throughout the book you really have no clue who they’re fighting or what they’re up against. It’s all a big mystery. & Of course the romance was steamy! Even though the attraction was quick, their romance sure felt like a slow burn. Maya Banks definitely delivered.


If you enjoy romance and suspense, I highly suggest reading In His Keeping by Maya Banks. It has a interesting paranormal twist to it, and Arial and Beau’s story are definitely worth the read! Do you have to read Keep Me Safebefore In His Keeping? Not necessarily. However, there is some spill over in information from Keep Me Safe in In His Keeping. Plus Caleb and Ramie, the main couple in Keep Me Safe, often make appearances in In His Keeping. Caleb and Beau are bothers after all. I’d suggest you check out both, but feel free to dive right into In His Keeping as well.


Also, I don’t always leave you with quotes, but here’s one that I loved:

They were two magnets, inexorably drawn to one another by a power that defied explanation or definition. It felt…right. So very right. More so than anything else he had ever experienced before. (In His Keeping by Maya Banks, ARC)

Haha. Magnets. How fitting. LOVE IT! ;)


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