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Book Review: Lowcountry Boneyard by Susan M. Boyer

Lowcountry Boneyard - Susan M. Boyer

Note: I received an eARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid to write this nor did receiving the eARC affect my opinion. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


There are days when I’m just dying for a cozy mystery, and Henery Press always delivers. So what did I read to satisfy my cozy mystery craving this time around? Lowcountry Boneyard by Susan M. Boyer. I’ve never read any of Susan M. Boyer’s books before, but the synopsis intrigued me. An heiress gone missing, troubling family secrets, conflict with her partner/boyfriend, and a dead best friend that’s still around? Very intriguing if you ask me.


Liz Talbot is the private investigator hired to look for the heiress along with her partner/boyfriend and ghostly best friend that’s tagging along. The case quickly gets troublesome dealing with the family of the heiress, threats against her, and relationship issues with her partner/boyfriend.


The story overall was quite entertaining but just a tad bit slow for my tastes. I did guess the  ending and culprit. However, in this instance I was desperately hoping to be proven wrong. Plus the Hayward family sure had their issues. Talk about a dysfunctional family dynamic! It all kept me very invested in the story.


Plus there was the issue of Liz and her partner/boyfriend Nate. You can see the love they have for each other, but they just don’t see eye to eye in regards to their life situation. I haven’t read the previous books, but you could clearly tell that they were torn between setting up shop in two different places. If Liz moves, however, it may mean losing her best friend for good. Liz had quite the dilemma on her hands even without the case.


Overall, I enjoyed Lowcountry Boneyard by Susan M. Boyer. It was entertaining and statisfied my need for a cozy mystery. I think I may even pick up the other books in the Liz Talbot Mystery series that I missed. I definitely suggest checking it out if you’re ever in the mood for a cozy mystery with a bit of southern charm.

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