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For those of you who don't know me, I'm a bookseller, post graduate job seeker, avid reader, and a blogger. :)

My June Obsessions

I shared this over on the main blog, but I figured I'd share it with all of my lovely Booklikes followers. :) What have you been obsessed with this month?


1. Instagram

Instagram has been my saving grace this past month. I’ve spent so much time searching hashtags lately. It’s literally all I do during my down time at my internship. Some of my top hashtags: #bookstagram#bookmail, and #travelersnotebook. Some of my current favorite Instagram accounts to stalk are @wordrevel@novelheartbeat@cbookaddiction@seatledreams@uppercasebox, and just because, @snoopygrams.


2. Planners

This is probably due to the 2015/2016 Erin Condren Launch, but I’m obsessed with my planner more than usual this month. I’m currently awaiting my reprint of my new Erin Condren planner, and I can’t wait! I love using it as my blogging/reading planner. It’s so gorgeous, especially when I add a ton of bookish things to it! :)


3. My Book Journal/Notebook

My book journal/notebook is currently a Moleskine journal in my Gryffindor cover from urbanwrist. & I love it! I’ve been trying to be more proactive at taking notes as I read since I tend to write reviews way after I’ve actually read the book. Let’s just say some reviews have been a bit difficult to write… So far I’m loving my journal, and it’s been working fairly well.


4. Traveler’s Notebooks

I have two Traveler’s Notebooks: a Moleskine sized Wide from Chic Sparrow and a pocket Moleskine sized one from TwoBootsTradingPost on Etsy. & I love them! I’m not currently using my Chic Sparrow because I have so many hard bound Moleskines right now, which don’t work well for traveler’s notebooks. Although once my hard bound Moleskines are done, I plan on condensing them into the Chic Sparrow traveler’s notebook. I do carry around my pocket sized one in my purse for general “brain dump” and jotting of random things. I actually just bought another pocket/field notes sized traveler’s notebook from @retrowtures on Instagram. Have you seen the photos? They’re gorgeous!


5. Dot Notebooks

I think it’s the science nerd in me, but I’m obsessed with dot notebooks. It’s like graph paper but not as obvious and distracting with lines everywhere! There’s nothing wrong with blank, lined, or graph notebooks, but I just currently prefer dotted notebooks. So I’ve been on the hunt! My book notebook/journal is a dot format from Moleskine, but I don’t believe they sell any other formats of the dot besides the one I own. So forget getting a pocket sized one from them. Field Notes, however, does and is the same size as pocket Moleskines. Plus they have one that’s supposedly “life proof”? I’ve ordered a few and will be testing them out.