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Review: Sweet by Emmy Laybourne

Sweet - Emmy Laybourne

Note: I received an eARC copy of this title in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were not affected by receiving this eARC.


Okay… Honestly Sweet by Emmy Laybourne left me thinking “WTF? What just happened?” Seriously. I enjoyed the writing style of Emmy Laybourne. I enjoyed Laurel and Tom as characters. & I obviously loved the idea of the plot. I mean diet supplement gone wrong? Yes, I want to read about that! Sadly, the plot itself and the romance definitely did not wow me… Shock me, yes. Wow me, not so much.


In the story, Laurel finds herself on a luxury cruise filled with celebrities and the rich all hoping to lose large amounts of weight using the new diet supplement Solu. Tom is the celebrity spokesperson of the cruise, there to share with the world why he or she should run to stores for Solu. Laurel is perfectly happy with the way she looks and is on the cruise accompanying her best friend Viv. Initially, seasickness prevents her from eating anything with Solu. So she just ends up not taking it at all. Tom, on the other hand, worked hard to lose all that fat he had as a kid. He’s not taking Solu because he’s skeptical of diet supplements and sticks to a strict diet. They end up being two of the few not addicted to Solu but end up fending for their lives.


Sweet truly did start off great. I was enjoying the fast paced plot and loved Laurel and Tom, even though Tom was a douche at times. I was excited to see how their romance was going to play out and the drama Solu was going to ensue. About midway through though the plot seemed to hit warp-speed and all of a sudden everyone is addicted to Solu, rioting, and bloodthirsty for Solu. Oh and Tom and Laurel are now boyfriend/girlfriend. Yeah, that escalated quickly.


I think I was just completely and entirely shocked and continuously thinking WTH is going on? I was not expecting that second half to occur the way it did, and for me personally, it didn’t work. It was all too sudden and crazy. Sweet, what I thought would be more contemporary/thriller, suddenly seemed a bit more dystopian, a “run for your lives/every man for himself” kind of situation. And although Tom and Laurel never really professed their love to each other that I remember, it definitely felt too insta-lovey and sudden for me. I didn’t feel the chemistry at all. Seriously, I was so confused!


I honestly think Sweet by Emmy Laybourne is something you just need to read and experience for yourself. I’d love to explain exactly why I’m so baffled by Sweet, but it’d be way to spoilery. So if you’re considering reading Sweet, go ahead and try it yourself. Maybe you’ll even end up loving Sweet more than I did. At the time of writing this review, Sweet does have a 3.52 rating on Goodreads.


Did you read Sweet by Emmy Laybourne? Did you love it or were you confused like I was? Are you thinking of reading Sweet? Let me know!

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