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Chronicles of a Bookseller: Getting Book Recommendations at a Bookstore

So if you didn’t know, I recently made the jump from part-time bookseller to full-time since I’ve no graduated and have no job in my field of study. & While I enjoy working in a bookstore, it can be extremely frustrating just like any other retail job. In particular, today I’d like to discuss book recommendations.


I do enjoy giving out book recommendations. I do work in a bookstore, and therefore, it’s a safe bet to say that I enjoy reading books. However, I do think there is a specific way requesting a book recommendation should be made in order to keep me happy and you as well.


What do I mean by that? Well basically, I ask that you not walk up to me and simply ask, “Can you recommend me a good book?” Then when I proceed to ask you if you have a genre preference or obtain some sort of additional information, respond with “I just want a good book.” That really gives me nothing to go off of. I can point you in the direction of the current best sellers, new releases, etc., but honestly, I have no clue how to help you. I can list off a bunch of books I enjoy, but if it’s not something you particularly like to read, then you probably will get upset at me. Please give me something to go off of such as if you’re looking for a specific genre or even a non-fiction or fiction preference. GIVE ME SOMETHING! There are thousands of books in the bookstore, and I’m sure you can pick up any random book and someone somewhere would consider it a good book and has enjoyed reading it. We all have different tastes.


Further more please do not get upset at me if I haven’t personally read something you’re looking for. You want a history book recommendation? Great! I can point out the best sellers in the section, I can show you the new releases, and I can even bring a bookseller that prefers to read history books into the conversation. Please do not get upset at me though when I answer your question “have you read this” with a “not personally, but I’ve heard good things.” Really, I don’t criticize your book choices. Please don’t criticize mine. There’s only so many hours in a day, and I’d like to use it to read books I personally know I’ll enjoy and not what you enjoy.


So what does the perfect conversation go like? Here’s an example:
Customer: Can you recommend me a good book to read?
Me: Is there a particular type of book you enjoy?
Customer: I read mostly contemporary teen fiction.
Me: Great! Are you specifically looking for something newer?
Customer: Yes. I tend to read a lot. So something new would be best.
*We walk over to the new releases for teen fiction.*
Me: Juniors is currently selling very well, and it’s actually set here in Hawaii.
Customer: Really?
Me: Yes. I haven’t personally read it, but I’ve heard good things. There’s also Everything, Everything, which is about a girl that is allergic to basically everything. This has also been getting very good reviews.
Customer: Thanks! Those are some great options. I’ll take a look at them.
Me: You’re welcome.


See. I can definitely give you recommendations of books that I have read and have not read and be pleasant about it. Please just help a bookseller out and have something in mind. Mostly though, please do not criticize me on my personal book choices. Now that would just upset me. Gosh, it’d probably upset any book lover.


Do you ever go into the book store looking for a recommendation? Feel free to tell me your stories in the comments.


Note: This post was originally posted on my main blog (http://ayamproductions.com).

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