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Being a Book Nerd in Hawaii Kind of Sucks…

Being a book nerd in Hawaii kind of sucks. Why? Well let me tell you.


1. There are hardly any bookstores.

When it comes to those large bookstores, there are only 2 in the state of Hawaii: one on the island of Oahu and one on the island of Maui. Then you have the independent bookstores, which typically sell only used books or a specific genre of books (Hawaii related books/Christian books/Japanese books/etc.). Your choices of bookstores are quite limited.


2. There are libraries, but they don’t have the greatest catalogues.

The libraries in Hawaii really don’t have the greatest catalogues. Want that recently published book? Unless it was a highly anticipated release, you may have to wait a bit to get it. & If they by chance have the book you’re looking for, well you may want to be prepared to be on a wait list. Most of the books I’ve requested thus far have had a wait list. Two of them had a wait list with 5 people in front of me. One of those books wasn’t even a recent release. Yeah… It’s not the best.


3. There are very few Author events.

It’s great that we have author events for Hawaii based authors. Want that recently released true crime novel about crime in Hawaii? There was a signing for that. Or a recently published Hawaiian cookbook? There was probably a signing for that too. Hawaii is known for supporting its own. Popular fiction authors and young adult authors though hardly ever come to Hawaii. Book tours almost never come to Hawaii. So your best bet is to attend author events on the mainland if you want that coveted signed copy from a mainland based author.



Great! You decided to attend a bookish even on the mainland like yallwest, Book Expo America, or RTConvention! Be prepared to spend quite a bit of your budget on airfare though. & I just checked. Round trips from Honolulu to Chicago costs about $800+ in May for Book Expo America. & Don’t forget, you’re spending an entire day traveling each way due to the flight and multiple layovers. Add airfare to the cost of hotel, convention tickets, books you may purchase, and baggage fees or postage to mail books, you have quite the expense there. Unfortunately, flying is your only option of travel too. At least Google Maps no longer tells you to KAYAK for 14 days to travel from Hawaii to the mainland. Now it just tells you to catch a plane.



Ultimately, every good book nerd knows it’s all worth it. We just have to be much more selective in our choices and save a lot more. At least we have the INTERNET! We can always purchase books online and subscribe to programs like Scribd or Oyster to supplement the lack of offerings of books in Hawaii. It’s also awesome when authors offer signed editions of books to purchase online. We just miss out on the face-to-face interactions, which might actually be beneficial. I know I’m VERY AWKWARD when meeting authors. Oh, but don’t get me started on the difficulties of shipping to Hawaii. We’re part of the United States, but I swear people treat us like a foreign country, like that TSA agent that demanded my passport when I was traveling home from NYC. Yeah, it’s a sore topic.


Anyways, what are your thoughts? Is it difficult to be a book nerd where you live? Or are you lucky enough to live in a place that authors frequent, has tons of bookstores, and awesome library systems? Let me know!

Source: http://ayamproductions.com/2015/11/being-a-book-nerd-in-hawaii-kind-of-sucks