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My December Anticipated Releases

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I honestly can't believe it's December already! Time sure flies. Pretty soon 2016 will be upon us. I know I've already started thinking about things I'm hoping to accomplish next year. Have you? Anyways, there aren't a whole lot of books I'm highly anticipating this month.


not if i see you first


1. Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom (12/1) - Not If I See You First sounds like a great contemporary with a lead character that is blind. I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

see how they run


2. See How They Run by Ally Carter (12/22) - It's the second book in the Embassy Row series. I enjoyed the first book All Fall Down and can't wait to see what happens to Grace next. I'm also excited to read more of Noah's humor.


what's broken between us


3. What's Broken Between Us by Alexis Bass (12/29) - This definitely sounds like an angsty contemporary read. The main character's brother was in jail for drinking and driving, which caused an accident that resulted in his best friend being dead and girlfriend being permanently paralyzed. Now he's coming home. There's definitely going to be drama here.

What are you excited for this December?

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