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Review: Cover Shot by LynDee Walker

Cover Shot (A Headlines in High Heels Mystery #5) - LynDee Walker

Note: I received this book for free from Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I was not paid to write this. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


It’s taken me a while to start my review of Cover Shot by LynDee Walker. Why? Well mainly because I was having a really, really hard time writing this review without spoilers, and basically, I’ve given up. So as a fair warning, this review may contain spoilers! You have been forewarned.


Cover Shot by LynDee Walker is the first book I’ve ever read in the A Headlines in High Heels Mystery series. In Cover Shot, Nichelle, a crime reporter for the local newspaper, finds herself wrapped up in the case of a dead doctor. What’s interesting about the case, however, is the fact that the police are being hush, hush about the doctor’s identity, and after finding out the doctor is a well renowned oncologist, the doctor seems to not exist o#n the Internet. Very fishy… Add the case of the dead doctor to her troubles at work, her love life troubles, and the need to beat out the competition, Nichelle has a lot on her hands.


The story itself seemed a bit slow for me. Throughout the story I was just hooked on the case and finding out what happened to the doctor and why. Everything else about the story, I wasn’t very invested in. Whenever Nichelle’s competition was brought up or the issues with her boss, I didn’t feel very invested and wanted to get on with the case. I thought the fact that Nichelle was simply a crime reporter was an interesting take for a cozy mystery. Definitely not something I see everyday in this genre. The case was also something I found to be EXTREMELY INTERESTING. It was actually a topic I had discussed once with friends back in college.


During Nichelle’s investigation she discovered that the dead doctor was working on a cure for a cancer and it seemed to be working! His entire research, however, was very secretive. He had retired from the hospital and was conducting research on his own. His former colleagues didn’t know what he was working on. A man with a wife dying from cancer was desperate to get into his clinical trial and only found out about it through a secret chat room. It begs to question was he being killed over the cure for cancer? It was a seriously interesting case, and it was fun to see a discussion I once had with friends – what would happen to the medical business if the cure for cancer was found? – played out in a novel.

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Overall, I found Cover Shot by LynDee Walker to be an intriguing mystery and an interesting take on a murder mystery. I liked Nichelle’s background as a crime reporter and how it played into the story. The story itself was a bit slow for me and included too much of the side issues when I just wanted to move on and have a break in the case itself. I would recommend Cover Shot for fans of cozy mysteries, especially if you have an interest in public health. I can’t wait to see what LynDee Walker thinks of next!

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