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Look into my Book Journals 2016

Hello, everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you my 2016 book journaling set up.


book journal1


I currently have 2 book journals being used: 1) mini book notes notebook and 2) my more formal book journal.



book journal6


My mini book notes notebook (a Field Notes notebook, which is housed in my everyday carry sojourner) is essentially a common place book or brain dump for all things bookish. It's my constant companion. I write reading notes, quotes, books I've received, books I want to read, and so on. There are no rules as to what can go into this notebook. It's just my random collection of bookish stuff.


Just as a side note, I tend to take photos of the quotes I want to copy into my notebook with my phone (or highlight it on my e-reader). This way, I can easily refer back to it when I am ready to stop reading instead of stopping in the middle of chapters or cliffhangers. I tend to write in my mini book notes notebook at least once a day unless I'm in a reading slump, like I have been this past week or so.


My more formal book journal (a personal sized notebook housed in my FoxyFix Le Petit) is a bit more structured. I have a table of contents in the front and number every page for easy access. It's the book journal that I specifically use for blogging and houses anything I want to make sure I remember. Currently in my book journal, I have a running list of books read in 2016, my bookish stats (I may update the layout of this), and drafts of reviews with more lengthy and thought out thoughts. Essentially whatever I want to make sure I keep goes into my book journal from my mini book notes notebook.


book journal3

book journal4


You may be wondering why I need multiple notebooks. In coming up with my system, I found out that I need a notebook of a smaller size for portability. If I couldn't carry it around to wherever I decided to read, I wasn't going to keep notes. Hence, my mini book notes notebook. The smaller notebook, however, is too small for me to write drafts of reviews or to include the book's synopsis without running out of space very quickly. This is why I also have a book journal that's a bit larger and stays on my desk. (Plus, I really don't need to be carrying around review drafts with me everywhere.)


Do you book journal or have you thought about it? How do you keep track of your reading thoughts and favorite quotes?