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Significance : A Significance Novel - Book One

Significance : A Significance Novel - Book One - shelly Crane Significance was quite the page turner. It had bits of romance, suspense, and the supernatural all mixed into one novel. It is a romance story based around the concept of imprinting, something I've only heard of from Twilight. However, this takes it so much further.Caleb and Maggie meet the night of Maggie's high school graduation. Through one touch Caleb realizes that he has found his soul mate, something his family and others like him were forever waiting for. Their imprinting was especially significant because Maggie is human and also because many of his kind haven't been imprinting for years. So through this novel Caleb and his family struggle to immerse Maggie into their lifestyle while also keeping her safe. One rival clan, in particular, is desperately trying to break the two apart, in attempt to prevent their acquisition of supernatural powers. At the same time Maggie struggles to keep her relationships with family and friends while also trying to keep her new found secret safe.Although the idea of imprinting seems unbelievable, I can only imagine what it would be like to find one's soulmate. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I love all the characters and the dynamic of their relationships. I can't wait to read the next installment, Accordance.For a review of my reread please visit my blog: http://ayamproductions.com.