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Fatal Deception (Fatal Series #5)

Fatal Deception - Marie Force I hardly ever write book reviews, so please bare with me.Over the past few weeks I've read the entire Fatal series for the first time, all 6 books. Let's just say I fell in love. Marie Force's writing is astounding. I hardly have any quips about it. The characters she created were wonderful and relatable. Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano are amazing characters along with their large network of family and friends. There's a great character dynamic going on between all of them. It's hard not to get sucked in. If I were to imagine myself as a detective of some sort, I sure would hope to be like Sam.In Fatal Deception, Lt. Sam has to face yet another high profile case. One which could potentially affect the Office of the President, if the targets aren't neutralized. Along with the headlining case, we see more of Scotty and more of Nick's campaign for Senator (and possibly the White House in the near future?). Also Special Agent Hall is back, and I'm left to speculate what his involvement will be in future books especially considering that his romantic interest in Sam doesn't seem to be wavering.Hopefully you'll all enjoy this fast paced book as much as I did. Somehow Marie Force has been able to capture my utmost attention with her Fatal Series these past few weeks. I'm actually sad that I've gone through all of them already (but just in time for finals coming up). I certainly can't wait till the sixth book is released.For more on the Fatal Series, visit my blog: ayamproductions.com.