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Book Review: Troy High and Overtime by Shana Norris

Troy High - Shana Norris Overtime: A Novella - Shana Norris

Troy High and Overtime feature a story narrated by Cassie during her dramatic high school sophomore year.


Having attended a university with one of the most well known rivalries on the west coast, I get the fun and spirit of it. That doesn’t mean that Troy High or Overtime were realistic. Most of the pranks and the drama were way over-the-top. It reminded me a bit of High School Musical and Glee, where the drama has some real life basis, but is overly dramatic you know it’s not real life. It was interesting though that some of the unrealistic drama was possibly there on purpose to take Homer’s Iliad and set it in a modern day high school.


So overall it was very entertaining, just a tad unrealistic. Reading it, I was constantly aware that it was a book and wasn’t as immersed in the story as others. If you want a quick, fun read though, this definitely fits. I read both the novel and novella in one evening.


Some characters that I loved were Greg, Cassie’s love interest. He was adorable and totally the typical sweet high school guy that constantly plays video games. Also I loved Hunter, one of Cassie’s older brothers. Aside from him pushing Cassie to choose sides, he showed great loyalty and love for Cassie, which I loved.


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