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Book Review: Giving it to the Bad Boy by Jenika Snow

Giving it to the Bad Boy - Jenika Snow

I really expected more from Giving it to the Bad Boy. Kiera and Reese are such great characters with personal issues that could be dealt with. This story could have been deep, delving into their issues on a deeper level. However, instead this story was very superficial.


Reese, the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, just suddenly decides to go for the girl he’s been admiring from afar because he suddenly actually interacts with her. He supposedly was supposed to have issues thinking he wasn’t good enough. There really wasn’t much inner turmoil regarding that issue, so I guess he just all of a sudden saw he was good enough? The there’s Kiera, the good girl. She has problems with the uptight popular girls and just runs away. In the end, they just disappear and don’t bother her anymore. Furthermore, the one time Reese and Kiera has a problem, it’s resolved quickly with not much discussion.


Seriously, problems are just glossed over and solved in this story. Where’s the conflict? Where’s the character growth? It had so much potential… I was quite disappointed. In the end though, it was still an okay read.


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