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ARC Book Review: Diner Impossible by Terri L. Austin

Diner Impossible - Terri L. Austin

Note: I was given a free copy of this book for my honest review. I was not paid to write this review.



Diner Impossible by Terri L. Austin is the 3rd book in the Rose Strickland Mystery series. The series resembles Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series with the quirky amateur sleuthing but is still unique. The story is fun, the characters are quirky, and the mystery left me guessing to the very end.

Rose, the amateur sleuth and waitress, finds herself investigating the murder of the police chief’s assistant/mistress. The search best her uncomfortably under her mother’s thumb, a place she gave up riches to be out of. I totally don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to have a mother like that either. On the side, she’s also enlisted by her friend Ax in order to find out who stole a signed Trekkie uniform.

All the drama is entertaining and yet annoying, especially when Rose enters the realm of the rich and entitled with her mother. I so wanted to smack all of them, especially her mother though. Seriously, when is it okay to act like your daughter doesn’t exist? Never! I so understand why she needed to leave. Also my gosh, the police chief’s family is one messed up bunch. Does anyone in that circle know how to be an actual parent? Obviously public appearance is their sole concern.

So anyways the story was quite fun. I’d give it four stars overall. I liked how it kept me guessing to the end, and yet I wasn’t surprised by the culprit. I’m really interested in reading the next book, especially after the ending. Plus I’d love to know more about Sullivan, Rose’s love interest. He made only a few appearances in Diner Impossible, appearances which seem as if things are heating up! How interesting! ;)


This fun, light read will be released on November 12th, 2013!

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