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Book Review: The Gamble by Kristen Ashely

The Gamble  - Kristen Ashley

In anticipation of the release of Jagged, the 5th book in Kristen Ashley’s Colorado Mountain series, on November 5th, I’ll be posting reviews of the books in the Colorado Mountain series. Starting with The Gamble, of course!


The Gamble by Kristen Ashley is a particular favorite of mine. It was my first KA read. What I love about it is Nina’s strong will and Max’s alpha male personality. They argue and clash a lot and yet they work so well together!


If you’re looking for a quick read, this probably isn’t it. I think when I first purchased it, I was shocked by how long it was. Trust me though, it’s well worth the time and money! The Gamble was a page turner and never had a dull moment. Nina and the people of Gnaw Bone sure know how to make things exciting! Even Max was complaining about never having a quiet moment.


So as you can imagine, The Gamble has a lot of components to it. There’s romance, mystery, and even heartbreaking moments. There’s a bunch of meddling neighbors and family members. Nina even finds herself kidnapped at one point. Boy, was that ending a shocker though. I don’t think there was any hint as to who the murder was!


One thing I didn’t like was how Max seemed to keep his past relationship a bit of a secret only to get upset at Nina because she knew and never brought it up. That wasn’t cool. I was also a bit bugged by Anna’s appearance in the epilogue. I love Nina and Max. I hate the thought of anyone coming in between them. 

(show spoiler)


So overall I gave The Gamble four stars. It’s definitely a must read! In fact, it’s also a must reread! I know I reread The Gamble multiple times since I first purchased it. It’s an experience.

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