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Book Review: Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley was one of the books I was a bit hesitant about. I wasn’t sure if I’d connect with Laurie and Tate since they are an older couple in their early to mid 40s. However, I’m glad I read it! Like The Gamble, it was fun and had elements of romance and suspense all wrapped into a nice package.


I didn’t have the problem of secrets in this book, like I did with The Gamble. Although Tate had secrets, at least anyone was getting unnecessarily mad at each other for not asking about it or not revealing it and such. Tate really is a straight forward kind of guy for the most part.


I felt bad for Laurie. She really is such a lovable character, but at the same time she kind of got caught up in a mess. Simply because she failed to understand “biker speak” she thought one thing which actually meant another thing. So she was making silly mistakes like that which weren’t intentional. In the end though, everything worked out though.


The scenes with her ex-Brad, I actually found absolutely hilarious. The way he’d face off with Tate. There was seriously no contest. Tate is much more an alpha male than Brad is. Plus it was horrible that you’d go back for your ex because the girl you cheated on said ex with decided to leave you. Really? I don’t get the logic there.


The mystery in this one wasn’t as shocking as The Gamble, but it still surprised me. That definitely was an interesting twist. Who knew that the serial killer would be so close to Carnal.


Overall, I’d give Sweet Dreams four stars. It was fun and very much what I’d expect from a KA read. Tate is an awesome hero!

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