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Book Review: Lady Luck by Kristen Ashely

Lady Luck  - Kristen Ashley

Shockingly Lady Luck is one of the books from KA that I reread the least, and yet I think it’s one of the most fun books in the Colorado Mountain series. Lexie really is goofy and the source of much of the entertainment. It’s also fun to watch Ty fall in love.


Like all the other books in the series, Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley has may components to it. A fun romance between two down on their luck people. A mystery involving corrupt police officers and some not so corrupt police officers. There’s murder, kidnapping, and a whole lot of goofy-ness from Lexie and Ty.


Ty does make some mistakes along the way. Some really big mistakes. Often it kept me on edge hoping he wouldn’t do what he was planning on doing. Like most books, it all works out in the end. Ty and Lexie have their happily ever after.


Lady Luck, in of itself, touches upon the touchy subject of racism a bit. Ty was targeted largely due to his color, and possibly a silly grudge that doesn’t even involve him but his parents. In no way is Lady Luck preaching for change of any sort, but it’s interesting to note that discrimination does still occur.


Overall Lady Luck gets four stars from me. Honestly, I’m not sure how much these star ratings apply to my KA reads. I haven’t found one I haven’t loved yet… Regardless, I give it four stars for the fun, the mystery, and for Ty and Lexie.

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