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Book Review: Dixie Cowboy by Dolores Wilson

Dixie Cowboy - Dolores Wilson

Note: I received a free e-copy of this book for my honest feedback. I was not paid to write this review.


Dixie Cowboy by Dolores Wilson was a cute but predictable romance. The plot wasn’t very unique, but I loved Katy and Tyler, the main characters of this story. They definitely made me fall in love with The Dixie Rooster.


Katy ends up with a job working for Tyler, while attempting to serve foreclosure papers. Instead, she ends up with a job under a fake name. From that alone I’m sure you can guess the general plot, and you’d probably be mostly right. However, Katy’s and Tyler’s love for that ranch and their cute romance made me want to read their story. I enjoyed watching Katy discover herself after being under her father’s shadow for so long.


One thing that bugged me, which isn’t uncommon in romances, was the fact that things ended well so easily. Katy’s ex didn’t up up much of a fight and neither did her father in the end. Even Katy’s friend didn’t seem to question Katy’s actions very much. Also that whole situation with Tyler’s ex was a bit idiotic. She had some serious issues. I honestly don’t understand why she was putting up such a fight.


Lastly there were some minor inconsistencies. I could have sworn Katy thought her brother was doing something in special needs. How that equates to him being in the Army doesn’t quite make sense. Also one of the characters called the porch a lanai, which seemed odd for a story set in the south. Being someone from Hawaii, I only think I’ve ever heard a porch being called a lanai in Hawaii. I could be mistaken, but like I said previously, they’re really minor inconsistencies.


Overall, I’d give the story 3.5 stars. It was enjoyable, but a bit too predictable. I’d definitely be interested in seeing what the second book in the series will be about. Plus I’d like to see how the Dixie Rooster is fairing after everything that’s happened.

Source: http://ayamproductions.com/2013/12/dixie-cowboy