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Book Review: Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It - Elisabeth Grace

Rumor Has It by Elisabeth Grace was an enjoyable story. I sympathized with and loved Ellie. Her chemistry was Mason was fun to read. However some of the plot was a bit difficult for me to realistically grasp.


Ellie is simply a recent college graduate trying to get a job in her career of choice and to get out from her mother’s thumb. Her career aspirations, however, has been hindered by an unflattering video gone viral. That video is what bugs me. I understand that bashing people online is common and that there’s definitely a gender bias, but I have a difficult time believing that her video would have gone viral and received that terrible of a reception. I was seriously shocked when I finally figured out what the video was. I had to reread her confession to Mason a couple of times, thinking “that’s it?” Anyways enough about the video…


Ellie and Mason are cute together. I thought their meeting was hilarious and their relationship was sweet. They did have problems. Some were because of the limelight Ellie had difficulty handling. Other because of the antagonist that clearly had an issue with the two of them being together. I was pretty shocked by the twist. It was beautifully done, in my opinion. It shook Ellie and Mason’s relationship, but they still managed to have their happy ending.


Overall I’d give Rumor Has It  4 stars. I had some issues with the plot, but I loved Ellie and Mason. Elisabeth Grace left me wanting to read more about their relationship.

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