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Book Review: Introductions (The Academy #1) by C.L. Stone

Introductions - C.L. Stone

Just as a heads up, this review may sound a bit like a review of the series thus far, which has a total of five books currently. I’ll try to focus on Introductions (The Academy Series #1), but it’s difficult not to get caught up in it all. ;)


Introductions by C.L. Stone really is just that. It introduces you into the story. You meet Sang, the female protagonist, and all of her new friends: Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke, and North. Her new friends are all part of the Academy, and that’s really where this whole convoluted mystery begins.


By having Book 1 of a series simply as an introduction may sound a bit slow, but really I think it was clever. Firstly, it allowed for development of individual voices. The story is told in Sang’s point-of-view, but aside from her, there’s still a lot of characters to keep track of. Plus they’re all primarily male. Each character is introduced one-by-one, giving time to learn and distinguish between them. Secondly, the slower pace allowed for the slower development of the big, overall mystery. If it was too rushed, I’d get confused fast for sure. There’s just too much going on. Plus as I progressed in the series, I realized that some mysteries even piled onto each other. So it really can be a lot to take in.


Just as a forewarning, I found this series to be majorly addicting. I saw the first book was free on Amazon and decided to give it a go. I ended up reading them all just this week. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep as much as I probably should have. Also if you couldn’t tell from the synopsis, I’d classify this as a YA Romance & Mystery. The story also features parental abuse. All the characters really come from imperfect families.


I’d recommend this for pretty much everyone. The first book is free on Amazon, after all. So there really is no harm in trying it out! I hope you love Sang. I thought she could be quite the bada**, especially after Book 2. However, she can also be quite timid, not being able to pick up on some social cues. I hope you also love the boys. Seriously, I can’t pick a favorite. They’re all so different! One thing to note is that not everyone may like the way the romance develops as the series progresses. There’s at least 7 potential love interests for Sang, her 7 new friends. I kind of predicted the way it might end up. It’s revealed more in Book 4. Ultimately I’m okay with it, and think it’s what’s best for Sang considering her situation.


I’d give Introductions by C.L. Stone 4 stars, but the series as a whole so far would get 5+ stars. Definitely a read that’s difficult for me to put down. As another warning, this series is definitely shaping out to be a long one. I’m in too deep. So I’ll definitely be sticking it out for however many books C.L. Stone will write. However, if you haven’t started it yet, I’d proceed with caution.

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