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Book Review: Elect by Rachel Van Dyken

Elect  - Rachel Van Dyken

Note: I received a free e-copy of this book for my honest review. I was not paid to write this. Also since this review is for the second book in the Eagle Elite series, it may contain some spoilers, particularly if you haven’t read the first book. 


If you thought Elite, the first book in the series, was confusing, don’t expect any less confusion in Elect. Yes, Elect by Rachel Van Dyken answers many questions regarding Trace and Nixon’s story, but it also brings up additional questions to get there, creating a big secretive mess. Somehow everything seems to work out though.


Elect featured way more point-of-views compared to Elite. You’re brought into the minds of not only Trace but Nixon, Chase, and Phoenix as well. Nixon’s goal in this story was to keep Trace safe after the events that transpired. Unfortunately, keeping Trace safe meant digging up family secrets and fueling a love triangle by basically pushing Trace into Chase’s arms, his best friend and cousin. Furthermore, it seems that Phoenix is keeping secrets that could help Nixon. Things just don’t seem to go his way at all.


I loved Chase in Elite. He was always such a sweet guy, and he still is. However, there were sides to Chase I found not so appealing in Elect. I definitely rooted for Nixon in that potential love triangle. Nixon obviously belonged with Trace and continuously kept her safety as a priority throughout the story. Chase, on the other hand, had some questionable methods in attempt to gain Trace’s attention. At the end of Elect, it seems that Chase will have a larger role in the third book of the series. That’ll be interesting for sure. Perhaps it’ll bring in a new love interest? All I can say is that Nixon and Trace obviously are meant to be. You could totally see that even at the end of Elite. 


The thing that disappointed me the most was the lack of Trace and Nixon actually together, or at least it seemed as if they were never together. Seriously, can’t they just be happy together please? Rachel Van Dyken shook things up in Elect, but I seriously do wish to see them just happy together without all the drama and secrets, like that date they had back in EliteThat was cute, and so fitting for Trace. Maybe in the next book?


Overall, Elect by Rachel Van Dyken would get 4 stars from me. It was an exciting read that kept me on my toes. It, however, didn’t satisfy my Trace and Nixon fix. Seriously excited to see what happens to Chase in the next book though!

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