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Book Review: Investigating the Hottie by Juli Alexander

Investigating the Hottie - Juli Alexander

In Investigating the Hottie by Juli Alexander, Amanda visits her aunt, Christie, during her fall break upon suggestion of her parents to help her cope with the divorce. There she finds that Christie is actually a spy, and she’s actually been in training much of her life. Her first assignment is to investigate a hottie teenaged hacker, Will.


I personally found the read to be enjoyable and quick. I liked Amanda and Will. Christie and her partner, Nic, were also quite fun and hilarious. It did, however, fall short.


The plot felt very superficial to me. There was no discussion about her parents’ divorce. It didn’t seem like she was bothered by it all that much. There also was no real discussion about there assignment or Christie’s secret life as a spy. Aside from not believing it all at first, she kind of just accepted it. I honestly thought Amanda was quite calm about it all. She also fell quite quickly for Will. They knew each other for like 5 days. Lastly, I think there were some significant unexplained plot holes. For example, I’m still wondering who called Amanda’s secret phone. It was never brought up.


Overall, I’d give Investigating the Hottie by Juli Alexander 3 stars. It was an enjoyable, quick read. I did like it. However, it fell a bit short plot wise and didn’t have the substance to it I was expecting.

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