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Book Review: Erased by Jennifer Rush

Erased - Jennifer Rush

Note: This review is of a physical ARC copy won in a giveaway. Also this review is the 2nd book in the Altered series and may have spoilers for the first book, Altered (Goodreads linkmy review link).


Jennifer Rush did a wonderful job finishing Anna’s story in Erased. Although, it was a bit predictable, I enjoyed watching Anna try to figure out her past. There were moments when I desperately wanted to scream at Anna, asking what the heck she was doing. I loved that she desperately wanted to hold onto her family and remember her past, but at the same time she obviously had difficulty figuring out who to trust. It was all so frustrating. All-in-all though, I loved it! Definitely a wonderful conclusion for Anna.


In Erased, you also see more of Nick. I know I definitely fell in love with his character. I am still all for Anna and Sam, but I felt a bit bad for Nick at the same time. Erased gave glimpses to another side of Nick and a bit into his past, including his history with Anna, Sam, and her blood family. I desperately want to know more of his story and can’t wait for his upcoming POV in the third book.


With that being said, I honestly think all the boys need their own full length book. Erased may have finished Anna’s story, but I’m sure there’s still lots to be said about Sam, Nick, Cas, and Trev. Unless they all get their story told, I don’t think the series will ever feel quite complete to me. I’ll always wonder how and why they were involved with the Branch. I may know more about the history of the Branch after Erased, but I still have no idea how they individually got involved.


Overall, I loved Erased by Jennifer Rush and would give it 5 stars! I can’t wait for the companion novel about Nick, which comes out next year. I’ll also be hoping and crossing my fingers that the other boys will get their own stories. It’s sad that only a third book is confirmed. One can only hope. :)

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