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Book Review: Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris

Road To Somewhere - Kelley Lynn, Jenny S. Morris

Note: I received a free eARC of this book for my honest review. In no way did this affect my review.


Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris wasn’t quite what I was expecting and didn’t quite live up to my expectations. What I thought was going to be a single POV story turned out to be a dual POV story. There’s really nothing wrong with that, but the story was too short, in my opinion, to delve into both sister’s issues thoroughly. With that being said, I thought the story ended up lacking much depth leaving some issues unresolved.


Although I was a bit surprised by the dual POV, I enjoyed the sisterly relationship focus. I’m not sure I quite agree with the overall direction of the plot and some of the outcomes, but I liked the idea. It was different.


I think my main issue with the story was the fact that I failed to fall in love with the characters. I honestly thought they were superficial and vain. I understood their issues, the background behind them, and connected with that. However, I had difficultly being in their heads for much of the story.


Unfortunately, I just don’t think Road to Somewhere by Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris was for me. I’d give it 2.5 stars overall. It was a quick read and a wonderful idea. In this case though, I think it definitely needed more plot wise and could have used some refinement on the characters’ thoughts. I don’t think they were extremely vain and superficial, but they often sounded like they were simply through their thoughts.

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