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Book Review: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige

Note: This review is of an ARC copy. The ARC copy was provided to the bookstore I work at. This did not affect my review what so ever. This review still contains my honest thoughts about the book.


I was honestly a bit hesitant to read Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I’ve seen mixed reviews for it around the blogosphere. Plus I’m not a big fan of The Wizard of Oz. However, after hearing the Epic Reads team rave about it on Tea Time, I decided to give it a try. Also the main character’s name is Amy. How horrible could the story be? All Amy’s must be awesome, otherwise that’s just a fail… (If you didn’t know, my name is Amy.)


Anyways, this may sound weird but Dorothy Must Die continuously frustrated me, and it was probably a good thing. The Oz that Danielle Paige created was depicted clearly in regards to the fact that Dorothy must indeed be booted off of her dictatorship. However, with everything else, I have a difficult time seeing up from down and good from bad. It’s quite frustratingly complex. I desperately want to know who and what is good. So I continued to read even in my frustration. But if Dorothy is technically “good,” then what becomes of the wicked? It’s a conundrum for sure. Throughout the story I didn’t know who to trust and what was the right thing to do. There were secondary characters I wanted to love but didn’t know if I should love.  It was just madding but made me want to read on at the same time.


The fact that there’s no clear good or bad and right or wrong is where I think Amy falls a bit as a character. I didn’t love her. Nor did I hate her. I do think she has a sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, but at the same time I think she’s too dependent on others. She doesn’t like the fact that there were all these secrets, and yet I feel like there are moments where she just allows herself to be a pawn to these other people lacking the knowledge of the overall plan. I desperately want her to start making judgements about the people she’s working with and about the things she’s doing. I want her to become more independent and to start coming up with her own well thought out plans.


There was a twist at the end that threw me off guard completely. It totally made me more confused about what to believe, and so now I desperately want the sequel. I’m not sure if I’d call it a cliffhanger, because technically it ended at a nice spot. Things were just revealed that changed my point of view on things. So take it as you will.


I’m sorry if this review was all over the place. I’m sorry if you got absolutely nothing from it. To sum things up though, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige is simply frustratingly good. It was a bit slow for like the first half. For the most part though, I was so frustrated with it I needed to know more and continued reading. So I’d give it 3.5 stars overall. I liked it. I didn’t love it. I do see lots of potential for the series though. I want to see Amy become more independent, and I want to see what really is good or evil and what really is right or wrong. I truly don’t trust anyone at this point, but I want to. I so desperately want to.

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