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Book Review: Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh

Rushing Amy - Julie Brannagh

Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh was a cute, fun romance. I loved the way Amy and Matt’s relationship developed, even if it was a bit childish at times. The story did feel a bit long though. I ended up a bit bored about two thirds in waiting for the impending conflict. All in all though, it was a very enjoyable read.


Amy, the accountant turned florist, meets Matt at her sister’s wedding. (Amy’s sister, Emily, has her story told in the first book of the series.) Amy is independent and just came from a bad break up. So she isn’t really interested in a relationship. Luckily Matt is stubborn and the hilarious courtship begins.


Amy and Matt are fun together. I truly enjoyed seeing their relationship grow. I definitely laughed quite a bit reading their story. Their families also brought interesting issues into their relationship and the story overall. Matt was married previously, and Amy’s parents are back together after a divorce. It definitely brings an interesting aspect into their relationship. It also ended up not just being about their romance but about their relationship with their families as well.


The story did get a bit boring, which was my biggest issue with it. I honestly thought it could have been a bit shorter. The courtship was so much fun. So once they got together and there was a lack of conflict, the story just ended up being a bit boring in comparison. It didn’t necessarily make me laugh or anything either. I ended up just reading on waiting for the impending conflict to bring action back into the story. After the conflict returned to the story, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it.


So overall, I really liked Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh. The story for the majority of the plot was very fun. I liked all the characters even if they were a bit childish at times. I’d definitely suggest reading Rushing Amyif you’re looking for a fun romance. If you like sports, it’s even better, but you definitely do not need to understand sports to enjoy Rushing Amy either.

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