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Book Review: Breaking Away by Toni Aleo

Breaking Away (Assassins Series Book 5) - Toni Aleo

Note: I received an eARC of Breaking Away in exchange for my honest opinion. In no way did this affect my review.


I loved reading Reese and Phillip’s story. Toni Aleo wrote another wonderful story featuring a hockey player that doesn’t think he has time for love, a dancer that is broken from love, and a teenager wanting a family. If you love contemporary romance, I definitely suggest giving Breaking Away a try.


What I loved most about Breaking Away was the characters. All of the previous characters had their appearances since they’re all part of a big Assassins hockey family, but it definitely didn’t distract from Reese and Phillip’s story. Reese is such a strong woman that’s been hurt before, and Phillip is such a loving guy. They just seemed perfect for each other. I also absolutely loved their relationship development. Loved watching them fall into becoming more than just a one night stand.


Claire also brought an interesting dynamic into the story. Not only was Phillip and Reese falling in love, but in a way Claire was also. She fell in love with dance and with Reese, coming into her own. I was lovely watching her come out of her shell and becoming a beautiful young woman instead of the angsty teenager she was trying to be.


Do think, however, that the story was a bit long. I think it could have been cut down a bit. I also hated that Reese just could not overcome her biggest obstacle – herself – no matter how hard Phillip tried over and over again. I still enjoyed it all though.


Overall, I’d give Breaking Away by Toni Aleo 4 stars. I loved reading about Reese and Phillip. I thought they were fun characters when I read the first Assasins book, Taking Shots. I loved that I finally got to read about them. Unfortunately though for Phillip, I do still think I love Shea Alder the most from this series. ;)

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