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Review: Dream Boy by Madelyn Rosenberg and Mary Crockett

Dream Boy - Mary Crockett;Madelyn Rosenberg

Note: This review is part of my blog tour post. To see the guest post and the giveaway that was included with my review for the tour, please visit my blog: http://ayamproductions.com/2014/06/dream-boy/.


Have you ever read a book expecting one thing but ended up with something different? That’s what happened to me with Dream Boy. It wasn’t bad by any means. The plot enjoyably kept me on my toes. I think, I was just a bit disappointed with the characters.


I found the idea and plot to be very interesting. There were quite a bit of twists and secrets I wasn’t expecting. I loved the whole idea of the people from your dreams coming to life. The story was thrilling and mysterious. It was something I quite enjoyed reading.


Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the characters. Annabelle wasn’t really as strong of a character as I thought she’d be. For someone that didn’t understand a lot, she really didn’t push for answers as much as I expected. Not that it’s a terribly bad thing. I was just expecting more. I’m also not going to lie that I wasn’t quite expecting her to have multiple love interests.


In short, I enjoyed this read. It was fun and not what I expected. I enjoyed the plot and the story. I just wish the main character was stronger in the sense of demanding/hunting for answers, which others are obviously keeping from her. I’d definitely suggest giving Dream Boy a try.

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