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Book Review: Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Illusive - Emily Lloyd-Jones

Note: I received an eARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts and opinions were not affected because of this.


Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones was a thrilling story. She created an intriguing futuristic, dystopian world where a vaccination caused an “unexpected side effect” in a small percentage of the people vaccinated, the “immune.” The immune then either became pawns of the government, imprisoned, or were on the run, spending their lives as criminals.


Ciere is an illusionist and can hide her herself, changing her appearance. She works under Kit, a levitas that took her under his wing,  doing criminal jobs. This summer Devon, Ciere’s rich, best friend and an eidos, finds himself trying to include himself in their criminal activities. & Daniel, an eludere and teammate, on the other hand, seems to be missing and has been captured by the feds.


The beginning was a bit slow as you immersed yourself into this world, and I think, Emily Lloyd-Jones did a great job doing so. The book is primarily in Ciere’s perspective, but I loved the occasional contrast is Daniel’s point of view. It definitely brought a different aspect into the lives of the immune working for the government contrasting with those working as criminals. It did, however, take me a bit to get used to the time shifts in the narrative. The first part especially had many flashbacks.


Although the main characters are technically criminals, I can’t help but sympathize with them. I loved all of the characters and want to know their secrets. I especially feel terrible for Daniel. The feds have a dominus, who can basically hypnotize you to do whatever he tells you to do. Knowing that alone would make me feel fearful of the government. I have no clue who to trust. All the secrets about the characters backgrounds and the differing aspects of the story, made the story thrilling for me.


I do feel like there’s more to the story, and a story such as this could definitely be part of a series. I have no clue if it is indeed a series or a trilogy or whatever, but I think it’d be good as one.


All-in-all, I found the story to be very thrilling and intriguing. I definitely enjoyed reading Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones. She wonderfully created this futuristic, dystopian world, with some interesting characters. I’d give Illusive 4 stars overall. If you enjoy futuristic stories with a dystopian twist, I’d definitely suggest giving Illusive a try.

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