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Book Review: Addicted by Tracy Wolff

Addicted - Tracy Wolff

Note: I received an eARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. All of my thoughts and opinions are my own and was not affected by receiving the eARC. I was not paid to write this. Additionally, this book is the second and final book in the Ethan Frost series and may contain spoilers for the first bookRuinedYou may find my review of Ruined here.


Addicted by Tracy Wolff starts off exactly where Ruined ended. In fact, I believe the prologue of Addicted is the epilogue of Ruined. Basically, it starts off right where Chloe finds out Ethan’s big secret that Brandon, the guy that raped her, is related to Ethan. Right off the bat you know Addicted is going to be full of drama, which is fun. However, I found the story to be extremely quick and lacking full resolution in some aspects.


Now knowing that Ethan is related to the guy that raped Chloe, I assumed their families would have a bigger impact on their story. Brandon, Ethan’s mother, and Chloe’s brother all make minor appearances but that’s about it. The issues are discussed and the reader is told a resolution is made, but nothing is really shown. This is a situation where I wish I was shown the resolution opposed to just being told. It left me feeling that there was a lack of resolution. I would have loved to see more interaction between them and their families, having Chloe and Ethan stand up for themselves and each other.


Regarding Chloe and Ethan’s relationship, Tracy Wolff did a fairly good job. The flip-flopping was a bit annoying. They were on and off a lot in this book. Regardless, they definitely had chemistry and were quite hot and heavy when they were together. I also think the conclusion to where their relationship ended up was a good one. Tracy Wolff did well resolving the issues within their relationship.


All-in-all, Addicted by Tracy Wolff was a fun, sexy, quick read. It could have been a bit more developed, but for the most part readers get to enjoy Ethan and Chloe’s happily ever after. I enjoyed Addicted, but just wish there was a bit more to it. 3 stars overall.

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