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Book Review: Liar by C.L. Stone

Liar - C.L. Stone

Note: Liar is the second book in the series. This review may contain spoilers for the first book Thief. You may find my review of Thief here.


Liar by C.L. Stone takes place immediately after Thief. Will is missing and Kayli finds herself heading to Florida with the Academy boys to help with a mission and take her mind off her missing brother as they wait for the school week to come around.


Honestly, I think having read C.L. Stone’s Ghost Bird Series, which takes place in the same world, has altered my view a bit. The two series are different stores and can be read independently, but it definitely shaped my view of what I think the Academy is all about. So as Kayli tries to learn about the Academy, I desperately want her to trust them. Of course, she has issues doing so, which made me extremely frustrated. This was especially so when Blake Coltar stepped in trying to give her his point of view.


The mission they embarked on had nothing to do with her brother, but it was definitely fun to read. As skeptical as Kayli is, she definitely dived right in along side the boys. The chemistry was definitely hot, and I love how all the characters interact together. Considering that this group of Academy boys has already graduated and their older age group, Liar has a completely different feel to it than any book from the Ghost Bird Series. You’re privileged to more missions and the action that comes along with it. The romance is also a lot more physical. It’s a very nice contrast.


If you’re a fan of C.L. Stone’s other series, I highly suggest reading this one as well. It may be set in the same world, but the stories are definitely different. If you’re unfamiliar with C.L. Stone’s work but enjoy stories with action, romance, and a handful of imperfect but hot guys, I suggest checking her work out as well. If you do enjoy it though, it may become addicting. Consider yourself forewarned.

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